Hi, my name is David Staffell, and this is my personal graphic design portfolio. (I also work as a freelance personal trainer, so if this is something that interests you, or you know of anyone who might be interested, skip over to my training website at www.dsfit.co.uk for South West London, or www.dsfitbrighton.co.uk for personal training Brighton and Hove).

As a Graphic Designer, I have a high attention to detail and apply a ‘perfectionist’ attitude to all my work. I spend a good portion of time behind a computer, and deal with clients through email on a regular basis. As a personal trainer, I am reliable, punctual and not afraid of hard work. The nature of both these industries means that I have developed high levels of patience, organisation and communication skills in dealing with clients and co-workers of all personality types and abilities.

Outside work, my interests include video games, geek culture, art & design, food & cooking, reading, writing, travelling, clothing design & customisation and health & fitness.

Please, stay a while, and if you like what you see, get in contact! Whether you want to work with me, tell me nice things or even if you want to let me know how much my work sucks, I'd love to hear from you (well, not so much that last one)!

Cheers, David.